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How About “World’s Toughest Job” Day?

Imagine that you were asked to perform a very special, particular kind of job. One that would require you to work 24/7, with no vacation, no breaks, and no life. Indeed, around traditional holidays like Thansgiving and Christmas, the workload … Continue reading

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Goodreads Reads Good

As the popular saying goes, we all feel alone in a crowd, and this is no doubt reflected in our book choices. There’s something intensely satisfying in looking for books in the pursuit of building up one’s bookshelf. In fact, … Continue reading

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Curiosity grows curiouser and curiouser..

Was it really over two years ago that the technological marvel of NASA’s Curiosity space rover launched from our blue marble to begin its tour of the Martian landscape? Yet, the rover is merely one of a succession of rovers … Continue reading

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Running To The End of Time

It’s become apparent to me that I’ve haven’t yet blogged about one of the things most dear to me: running, that is. For me, the oft-heard refrain that ‘university is a time for exploration’ takes on literal meaning. What better … Continue reading

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Living For Infinity

Alas, after a long, looong (admittedly unintentional) hiatus from blogging, I’m excited to be back in the thick of things! And there was certainly no better way to get back into the student mindset than to attend UBC’s 2014 Student … Continue reading

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Those Sunny Days

Now, being a non-Vancouverite, I’ve been told (toooo many times to count) that this spectacularly glorious weather shall not last. That the sunny, cloudless days and the foggy, surreal mornings are mirages in what should be a desert of rain, … Continue reading

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Passing By In A Flash

HELLO FELLOW UBC-ERS!! Despite now being on the cusp of entering my third week, the first still permeates my being with all the vivacious intensity of the sun’s rays upon the skin during this blissfully sunny September. The initial awkwardness … Continue reading

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