UrtheCast: Is Everyone the Cast?

by David Kuo ~ November 19th, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized.


A while back, Wade Larson came and gave my class a presentation of his new venture, UrtheCast (pronounced “Earthcast”). There are many opportunities and possibilities that UrtheCast will open up and I agree with Fergus Arnold on how UrtheCast will be key in creating a global community and opportunities for new global ventures.

UrtheCast plans to constantly stream video through the satellite. This means that UrtheCast will be facing a large amount of data collection daily. If the data is not managed properly, UrtheCast could face serious financial problems due to the large amounts of data it has to handle daily.

Like Fergus has stated, there are some privacy concerns over UrtheCast due to the capability to zoom in, along with social media collection. The problem is people can be recorded and zoomed in on – making them a part of a real-time movie that is public for the world to see.

On the social front, UrtheCast will need to deal with junk information. UrtheCast is providing a large amount of data to its users, from videos to news feeds, and social posts. This amount of data needs to be filtered extensively to filter out the junk information. Overall, if UrtheCast can solve these concerns, I feel this technological advancement will benefit society to various degrees – from entertainment to environmental awareness globally.


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