Top Web 2.0 Services in Medicine 2008

Nine (9) groups or categories, seventy-five (75+) medical web 2.0 services of note in 2008. Not necessarily by importance, influence, utility or value – merely mentioned ‘most often’ by bloggers & traditional media (see this easy-to-print version).


1. Academic science 2.0 (social networking) (8 services)
i. BioCrowd –
ii. BioMedExperts –
iii. LabRoots – bmejpg
iv. MyExperiment –
v. NatureNetwork –
vi. phLab –
vii. ResearchGATE –
viii. SciWeavers –

2. Bookmarking & infomanagement (12 services)
i. Amedico –
ii. CiteMD –
iii. CiteULike –
iv. Connotea – peerclip.png
v. Delicious –
vi. Digg –
vii. Diigo –
viii. LabMeeting –
ix. Mendeley –
x. Ologeez –
xi. PeerClip –
xii. 2Collab –

3. Consumer health 2.0 (social networking) (12 services)
i. CareFlash –
ii. Curetogether –
iii. DailyStrength – plmjpg
iv. Facebook –
v. HealthChapter –
vi. HelloHealth –
vii. Inspire –
viii. PatientsLikeMe –
ix. PsychCentral –
x. RevolutionHealth –
xi. SecondLife –
xii. SoberCircle –

4. Medicine 2.0 (social networking) (8 services)
i. Doc2Doc –
ii. DoctorsHangout –
iii. MedicalPlexus – http//
iv. MedXCentral – dhojpg
v. Ozmosis –
vi. Sermo –
vii. SocialMD –
viii. Within3 –

5. Micro-blogging, -searching & -aggregation (7 services)
i. FriendFeed – (microcarnival for docs)
ii. –
iii. Monitter –
iv. Twittersearch –
v. Twitter – /
vi. List of 69 Twitter services –
vii. Yammer –

6. Open knowledge-sharing sites (8 services)
i. AskDrWiki – askjpg
ii. e-Meducation –
iii. HealthMash –
iv. InfoMedMD –
v. Knol –
vi. Medpedia –
vii. Wikipedia –
viii. UBC Health Library wiki (list of medical wikis) –

7. Personal life 2.0 & genetics tracking (13 services)
i. eHealthMe –
ii. FitBit –
iii. GenePartner – Geni.jpg
iv. Geni –
v. GoogleHealth –
vi. –
vii. LifeMojo –
viii. Medsphere –
ix. Microsoft HealthVault –
x. Medziva –
xi. My Digital Health –
xii. MyFamilyHealth –
xiii. 23andMe –

8. Search 2.0 tools (10 services)
i. Google Coop Health –
ii. Hakia –
iii. Healia –
iv. Healthline – yammergif
v. iMedix –
vi. MEDgle –
vii. MeraMD –
viii. OrganizedWisdom –
ix. RightHealth –
x. TRIPAnswers –

9. Slide & video sharing sites (10 services)
i. bliptv –
ii. DNATube –
iii. LabAction –
iv. MEDTing – sciveepng
v. SciVee –
vi. SecondSlide –
vii. SlideShare –
viii. TeacherTube –
ix. WebMed Technology –
x. YouTube –


For regular updates on how web 2.0 is changing medicine, and to track trends throughout the year, see Ves Dimov’s blog or Bertalan Mesko’s blog.

17 thoughts on “Top Web 2.0 Services in Medicine 2008

  1. for doc social networking. Also for health search. Also (non-health specific semantic search). Personal Life 2.0 missing:, also Google me-trics (now in Beta). Other me-trics sites available.Patients, e-patients, Patients 2.0 missing:, CureTogether. Also Hello Health specific practice in NYC, not social networking site per se.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Thanks, I know most of these sites but will only add a few of them (until they are released in 2009). Hope you found the list useful.

  3. Dean,
    I write a Consumer Health blog and would like to post an item about this list. okay? Can you give me some background? How was it compiled? Is this a stable/perma link? thanks.

  4. Hi Eunice & Berci,

    I have corrected your blog address Berci, and Eunice of course! feel free to beg, borrow or steal anything on the blog.

    Happy holidays


  5. Hi, Dean. Thanks for a great list and overview! But I have a respectful question: Why is is really useful for a lot of us) not on your list…?


  6. Creaky et al,

    If there are any other omissions – let me know.

    I think that there are a few sites that I could *remove* because they are ‘in beta’ or ‘in development’ but I’ve included them to raise broad awareness in the medical community.

    My method in compiling this list will be described in a future post.

    Happy holidays,


  7. To the person who leaves messages as “anon”. Please understand that I do not respond to anonymous messages.

  8. iHomeMD is Medicine at Home. It is a personalized medical information management system. With innovative technology, we have developed a variety of online tools that help users to manage and to take control of family healthcare at home. Our software performs online medical diagnosis that is specifically tailored to users’ personal health conditions. We also offer electronic medical records management tools that generate customized medical reports summerizing users’ health conditions, as well as probing questions for active discussions with doctors.

  9. Another site that is missing is It is an online health community where members share their experiences with others having similar health concerns. The Web 2.0 site facilitates member communication and allows members to post links related to useful resources that they have found in the course of managing their condition. Additionally, the site has a blog with regular posting on health issues, health research, health care and health care politics.

  10. Hello – another site out there is FacetoFace Health. It’s designed to match patients together so they can have direct one on one conversations with each other.

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