Top 25 Medical Applications – iPhone 3GS 2009

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  2. Dear Top 25 Medical App,
    I’m writing you to submit to your attention our CPR training application.

    iCPR Lite ( is an application specifically dedicated to self-directed learning CPR, by a simple graphical tutorial.
    The last version features also a metromome to let you match the correct cardiac compression rate (100 bpm). In the middle or end of September we will submit the full version, including a state of the art feedback module dedicated to CPR training for lay persons and healthcare professionals.
    Also, on our website, you can watch a funny video titled “iCPR is
    better than nothing” originally created to improve awareness about CPR.
    This video is intended for fun purposes to properly learn CPR please
    contact a trained professional.

    We will be glad to have your opinion about our work.
    Feel free to write a review about it.
    Thank you in advance,
    Federico Semeraro

  3. Several great clinical apps targeted primarily to clinicians from Clinically Relevant Technologies include:

    CORE – Clinical ORthopaedic Exam. A compilation of nearly 250 clinical tests for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathology. Each test describes condition for use, detailed instructions on how to perform the test as it was defined in the literature, and video demonstration. The strength of the app however, is that diagnostic properties are included for every test (validity/reliability) and hyperlinked to corresponding PUBMed abstract. Very evidence-based.

    Low Back Pain Clinical Management Guidelines provides a robust screening and management algorithm pathway based on ACP guidelines for the management of low back pain. A great resource from novice to seasoned clinicians.

    Learn more at

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