3 thoughts on “RefWorks, Zotero & Mendeley – Comparisons 2010

  1. Dean, I have to say I like the & in the title of this post better than the “or” in the title of your proposed workshop. The services are really complementary in many ways and not either/or solutions.

  2. I think I’ve remarked on a similar chart before – Zotero and Mendeley use the same citations styles. In fact, Mendeley’s 1200 styles (which are technically about 250 different styles) are (only?) available from the Zotero style repository. In turn, Zotero users will be able to benefit from Mendeley’s GUI style generator once that is done (Mr. Gunn – any news on that?).
    It makes no sense to put something different in their respective citation style box.

    I think that’s worth mentioning because
    a) it means that no one will have to decide between the two based on available citation styles.
    b) they develop a nice synergy effect with user-created styles compatible between the two.

    Note that Zotero has announced that it will soon bring out a standalone version with plugins for all common browsers, so it won’t be limited to FF anymore:

    Also, Zotero and I believe Mendeley also have Open Office plugins and both have pretty tight LaTeX integration.

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