Yes, here comes Archives 2.0

“…the purpose of this thesis is to provide an analysis of the web 2.0 phenomenon in archives across the planet….”

Archives 2.0 entry:

Archives 2.0 and archivist 2.0 are two terms that build on web 2.0 principles and frame newer archival practices. Although the 2.0 suffix has been applied to archives for a number of years (see literature below), it does not seem to be used with the zeal or fanfare that has been seen in libraries. Archives 2.0 (like its library 2.0 counterpart) encourages W2 principles such as interacting with patrons through social media and utilizing innovative tools such as Twitter.

Archives 2.0 requires the traditional focus on the archival record and a reorientation towards more user-centered archival practices. A2.0 includes the preservation of records created by bloggers, and the use of 2.0 tools. As social media are incorporated into government, business, and personal recordkeeping, watch for archivists to capture and preserve these materials.

In April 2010, the U.S. Library of Congress announced to much debate (and even some derision) that it would be archiving all tweets on Twitter for future historical research.

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