Free webinars on grey literature – NLM & Academy Health

Faculty: Marcus Banks, M.L.I.S, Samuel Merritt University; Dean Giustini, M.L.S., M.Ed., Diamond Health Care Centre and Vancouver Hospital

Format: On-demand, streaming presentation with voiceover here

Duration: 60 min.


This free Web conference (the “producer’s” perspective) outlined how producers of grey literature can optimize their research for searching and increase the likelihood of uptake and use of their work. Participants learned:

  • – What grey literature is being produced, and for what purposes?
  • – Who are the largest producers, and why?
  • – How can we enhance and standardize the perception of rigor in grey literature?
  • – In what ways has the electronic publishing “sphere” contributed to the field of grey literature?
  • – How is grey literature being archived and how do researchers make their research easy to find?
  • – What are the preservation procedures for major producers?
  • Materials:

    Presentation Slides

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