Beyond Impact Factor (IF): Here Comes “Altmetrics”

Altmetrics is the creation and study of new metrics based on the social web for analyzing, and informing scholarship. The vision for altmetrics is summarized in:

J. Priem, D. Taraborelli, P. Groth, C. Neylon (2010), Alt-metrics: A manifesto, (v.1.0), 26 October 2010.

“…In growing numbers, scholars are moving their everyday work to the web. Online reference managers Zotero and Mendeley each claim to store over 40 million articles (making them substantially larger than PubMed); as many as a third of scholars are on Twitter, and a growing number tend scholarly blogs. …”

For more information on this topic, follow discussion on Twitter via the #altmetrics tag or respective groups on Mendeley or FriendFeed. See also altmetrics11: Tracking scholarly impact on the social Web

3 thoughts on “Beyond Impact Factor (IF): Here Comes “Altmetrics”

  1. You might also want to check out my recent blog post discussing a study of scholars on Twitter and what it means for altmetrics, and the future of scholarly publication:

    I’ve also got a few altmetrics presentations, like “Toward a Second Revolution: Data citation, altmetrics, and the Decoupled Journal,” (, which you might be interested in.

  2. The following article gives a good over view on how current metrics are insufficient to measure productivity and popularity and how impact factor is twisted to suit the needs. Journal Impact Factors …
    I am afraid internet-based metrics may be further vulnerable to tweaking and misrepresentation. Just some thoughts.

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