Information Literacy Beyond Library 2.0

My British information literacy friend, Peter Godwin, a fine librarian blogger and his colleague Jo Parker have edited a new volume of essays on information literacy in a social media-saturated, post-library 2.0 world. I’m not sure where I found the time to write my chapter given the demands this fall of teaching SPPH581H and the CHCM course — but perhaps by doing so I neglected my UpToDate project and my survey of Canadian academic librarians’ use of social media. (One of the student librarians in my branch pointed this out at lunch on Friday, and I admit it’s on my agenda to complete ASAP). Anyway, the table of contents for the Godwin et al monograph is below. Chapter 12 is Giustini. Watch for it in early 2012.

Table of contents

  1. The story so far: progress in Web 2.0 and information literacy – Peter Godwin
  2. The changing web: sites to social – Phil Bradley & Karen Blakeman
  3. Web 2.0: from information literacy to transliteracy – Susie Andretta
  4. Informed learning in online environments: supporting the higher education curriculum beyond Web 2.0 – Hilary Hughes & Christine Bruce
  5. Reinventing information literacy at UTS Library – Sophie McDonald & Jemima McDonald
  6. Using games as treatments and creative triggers: a promising strategy for information literacy – Susan Boyle
  7. Changing the conversation: introducing information literacy to a generation of smartphone users – Kristen Yarmey
  8. Tweets, texts and trees – Andrew Walsh
  9. Referencing in a 2.0 world – Stacey Taylor
  10. Moving information literacy beyond Library 2.0: multimedia, multi-device, point- of-need screencasts via the ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project – Carmen Kazakoff-Lane
  11. Informed cyberlearning: a case study – Hilary Hughes
  12. Creating a course on social media for student librarians: teaching the information skills and literacies of social media – Dean Giustini
  13. Transliteracy and teaching what they know – Lane Wilkinson
  14. ANCIL: a new curriculum for information literacy: case study – Jane Secker and Emma Coonan
  15. TeachMeet: librarians learning from each other – Niamh Tumelty, Isla Kuh
  16. Helping the public online: Web 2.0 in UK public libraries – Helen Lee
  17. Change has arrived at an iSchool library near you – Judy O’Connell

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