ALA “Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy” Report 2013

Recently, the American Library Association published a new report entitled Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy which discusses the overlapping roles for academic librarians in an age of multiple literacies. These multiple literacies run the gamut from data literacy, media literacy and even transliteracy.

It must be said that there are inherent tensions between the openness of much scholarship today and the business models that sustain scholarly publishing. With universities making much of their scholarly output (e.g., from faculty, staff and students) open and freely-accessible in so-called “gift economies” it will be important for academic librarians to develop new criteria for the assessment of information and scholarship, and to form new collaborations across disciplines and faculties in the changing academic environment.

With respect to librarian roles in this new digital environment, the report discusses initiatives librarians are involved in such as online learning, embedding librarians in courses, “flipped” classrooms, assessment, emerging literacies and deeper involvement in supporting courses. Notable initiatives for scholarly communication are open access, digital repositories, copyright education and support, and library publishing programs.

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