Berci’s New Book Is A Winner ****

Dr. Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD is a double doctorate (“Mr.Doctor 2.0”) and a social media star in medicine.

“Social Media in Clinical Practice” is his new book and earns a solid four (4) out of five stars from me. The only reason it doesn’t reach five (5) out of five stars is because I didn’t evaluate a print version of the book and therefore can’t comment on the quality of the binding, typeface and pages of the print. The digital copy I reviewed was more than satisfactory and in full colour (see free preview).

Published by Springer in August 2013, Dr. Meskó’s “Social Media in Clinical Practice” is an excellent introduction to social media tools and practices in medicine. Its intended audience is physicians, medical students and other health professionals but I could see it having audiences beyond to consumers and patients. The book provides an array of social media links, websites and other pointers to information but specifically is rich in links in the appendices. The book is more than a mere catalogue of social media links, however. It provides useful context about using the Internet for medicine and some fine chapters on searching the web (i.e., Meskó covers a variety of search tools as well such as Google Scholar, Wolfram Alpha and even PubMed). All librarians should read these sections to determine how physicians perceive search engines and open web searching.

“Social Media in Clinical Practice” is structured very well. It’s organized in sixteen (16) chapters and a conclusion, with satisfactory index and appendices. The book is compact, and highly-selective about navigating the web in the 21st century — especially when Meskó is generous in sharing his understanding. The author should be applauded for taking on a fast-moving topic liks social media especially for his practical approach to writing in the English language (which is a major reason why I buy books like this). A small point about language: in some cases, phrases and words used could have been edited for readability. Clearly, however, Meskó has a flair for figuring out what matters in social media and medicine — and who better to tell us than a medical futurist and worldwide leader in the area? Meskó’s years of blogging and curating websites and pathfinders which he builds at his website “Webicina” ( have helped him to express himself succinctly.

The book is filled throughout with helpful figures and tables, and excellent chapter overviews called “Key Points”. Just in case you want emphasis, the book provides salient references, simple tests and “next steps” in order for you to implement a social media tool such as a blog, wiki or virtual conference. In the online version I reviewed, many of the embedded links are live and take you to the many examples discussed by Meskó.

The book is destined to become widely-used and cited. It’s a good summary of the “state-of-the-art” in social media and medicine (including mobile devices) in 2013.

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