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Hello, my name is Dean Giustini and I am an academic librarian and adjunct faculty deanmember at UBC’s iSchool. I have taught courses on social media for information professionals for about ten years which, looking back to that period around 2004-2005, seems almost pre-historic in social media terms. At that point, we didn’t have Twitter, for example, and Facebook monetization was still many years into the future (2011). Who knew that these tools would almost completely dominate discourse on the impact of social media in the intervening years?

Course structure

  • The course in 2015 is vastly different from what was first offered in 2007. The focus back then was on providing a view of existing tools and trends (such as Archives 2.0 and Library 2.0). Now we focus on the critical history and application of social media and a growing body of research in the area.
  • LIBR559M is a 13-week asynchronous course that runs from January 5th to April 10th, 2015. It consists of an introductory week and six modules that last two weeks each. Each module is designed to provide exposure to important topics and themes in social media.
  • The focus in 2015 is not about learning how to use tools as much as developing a critical sense of what strategies librarians and archivists can use to deploy social media principles in their work.
  • Each module consists of an important learning object (i.e., a video to be watched and critiqued; a scholarly research article to be discussed with peers) and a discussion that our cohort has around it. Activities are planned in each module to highlight concepts, and to find ways to collaborate with each other.
  • To follow the course, visit this blog, the Twitter feed displayed on the right or bookmark this wiki page http://hlwiki.slais.ubc.ca/index.php/LIBR_559M_-_Social_Media_for_Information_Professionals


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