Snapshot of librarians’ usage of social media, 2014

JournalAd-Announce-socialmediawhitepaperRev2-200x185In December 2014, the publisher Taylor & Francis published a white paper on social media which assessed how librarians use social media. It uses statistics and case studies to benchmark social media usage for libraries so they can aspire to best practices and approaches. Since most of you (my #libr559M students) have posted about your use of social media on your blogs, you can use some of the information (and findings) in the white paper for comparison (and talking points).

Some interesting assertions in the white paper which I am still trying to assess:

  • The white paper is informed by research carried out internationally, comprising an online survey, focus groups, tele-interviews and a Twitter party, involving over 600 librarians worldwide
  • 88% of librarians surveryed felt that social media would become more important in the future
  • The research showed that librarians believe social media offers many opportunities for us but it presents some big challenges.
    • Facebook is the most popular social media channel
      •  58% of librarians are using it regularly
    • 64% of librarians find it challenging to strike a balance between setting a formal/informal and engaging tone in their online posts.
    • 75% of librarians post on an ad hoc basis, rather than scheduling in advance.
    • 73% believe more roles dedicated to social media will appear in the library in the future.

Take a closer look at the white paper, infographic highlights, and full supporting research, including top level data, a copy of the survey, and further analysis:

Use of social media by the library (current practices and future opportunities)

How are libraries using social media?

How are libraries applying social media?

Measuring effectiveness of social media

What is the future for social media in the library?


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