Top Ten (10) Trends (to watch) in medical libraries

Based on my teaching of LIBR 534 (health information sources and services) in 2015, marking many assignments and reading the literature, as well as working in a hospital library… here are my top ten (10) trends to watch in medical libraries for 2016:

  1. Altmetrics and Author impact metrics  —health librarians are assisting physicians and faculty curate research impact & author profiles on ORCID and Google Scholar
  2. Big data and data management —health librarians should know the basics of data management, but not get sidelined by the buzz
  3. Expert search protocols and reporting standards   
  4. Health librarian competencies & competencies in medical reference services
  5. Print vs. electronic book technologies —More understanding of print books and their unique affordances, pros and cons of e-books in information literacy
  6. mHealth —ongoing mobile-iPhone -ization of key information sources
  7. Renewed interest in “library as place” for accreditation —library as tech & innovation hub
  8. Increased info/data fragmentation due to open access and data trends (see #2)
  9. Protests around publisher pricing (e.g., Elsevier #1 story) and monopoly (will Elsevier acquire Web of Science) and Mendeley Data, owned by Elsevier
  10. In Canada, health librarians are key collaborators with medical researchers for: CIHR funding, Tri-Agency Open Access Policy, teaching information skills

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