Grandpa Dean’s Perch: Figure Skating Post-Toller Cranston

Between teaching LIBR 559M – Social Media for Information Professionals, 2016‎ this term and watching The Skating Lesson, it’s crossed my mind I may need to start blogging again under a new guise. My main social media activities these days are Twitter and wiki-related. But I seem to have a desire to weigh in on figure skating, sparkling outfits and the profound musicality of skaters (mind you, not all!). Also the controversies.

Thematically, I’m thinking along the lines of a bitchy blog written from the POV of master blogger (“I’ve seen it all, was there from the beginning”) and skating historian, completely uncredentialed as such (not a skating expert though I know all six jumps and can describe them) in a post Toller Cranston world ….Toller Cranston died in 2015.

I’ll keep you posted. Dean

3 thoughts on “Grandpa Dean’s Perch: Figure Skating Post-Toller Cranston

  1. Apropos of nothing, my mother-in-law has a Toller Cranston painting. I remember watching Toller. Sounds like a good idea for a blog. Now that I’m in the U.S. I’ll guest post about the U.S. skaters and the near miss this year in Ladies.

  2. Hey Margaret, thanks for the cameo nice to see you. I am very close to creating the blog. It seems fun at least in theory! Dean

  3. I can’t wait for the new blog to be out. It sounds like it’s going to be edgy too!


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