Curation, RSS and Susie’s “Bits & Bytes”

susieIt’s been a while since I composed a proper blogpost but I’m inspired today to do so…

My colleague Mary Sue Stephenson is literally a “cornerstone” of the UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies. She’s one of the most relied-upon contacts at the School. I met her many years ago when I was doing my MLS and when she was a junior faculty member. It’s a generation ago!

Since that time ~30 years ago, Susie has become a friend and “go to” person for many things: information about computer technologies; indexing; social software (as we used to call social media) and anything about the School, and teaching there as an adjunct. She’s mentored library school instructors, and is always available for a hilarious quip, kind words and help of any kind. Any time! (and usually within minutes..)

I’m happy to say I’ve convinced her to speak to my LIBR559M class on February 9th about her work creating “Bits & Bytes“! B&B is a curated list, one Susie has developed over a decade, and one of my essential reads every week. Susie follows more than 100 RSS feeds and culls the best posts in tech, LIS and related topics, facets, amusing and shocking, bibliographic and even the weird and wonderful on the web.

Perhaps I can convince her not to ever retire or to retire her essential list, “Bits & Bytes“!

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