LIBR 1111 Online searching & information handling

I am currently teaching LIBR1111 at Langara College. Here is the course syllabus:

Course description

This course provides student learners with experience in online searching, and some of the basic skills in using software programs and digital resources used in libraries for communication and information handling. Several aspects of social media, mobile technologies and operating content management systems are integrated into the course.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

    1. Use common communications (i.e. email) and social media tools for working in library environments
    2. Understand the information cycle, different publication types and how resources are cited & annotated
    3. Conduct successful searches for resources using effective search strategies and appropriate databases
    4. Demonstrate understanding of content management systems for organizing library resources, including finding and selecting authoritative resources in order to develop a subject guide
    5. Develop teaching skills one on one or presenting to demonstrate search techniques
    6. Show patrons how to use technologies in the library
    7. Evaluate information resources

Learning outcomes and critical elements

  • Effectively use common communications such as email & social media to work in library environments
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of electronic communications for email, listserv, chat & blogs and be able to identify appropriate uses of each in a library setting;
    • Send, read, reply, forward and print messages, and manage folders
    • Find, subscribe to and participate in mailing list discussions
    • Find and create a blog
    • Identify appropriate uses of each communications technology in a library setting.
  • Understand the information cycle and the different publication types and how resources should be cited and annotated within the research context
    • Identify the progression of information as it progresses through the cycle
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of different citation styles and how to create a basic annotation
  • Conduct successful searches for resources using effective search strategies and appropriate databases or other resources;
    • Identify categories of electronic resources
    • Find and conduct searches of library OPACs, discovery layers and subscription databases
    • Construct and conduct appropriate Boolean search strategies
    • Demonstrate proficiency and advanced techniques with WWW search engines
    • Share knowledge of various database interfaces by teaching search methods (through the use of technology or a class presentation)
  • Use appropriate software for organizing library resources, retrieval and subject guides.
    • Describe the component parts of bibliographic databases
    • Demonstrate proficiency with software used to automate basic library functions, including data entry and retrieval
    • Create, edit, add links, and publish a Learning Guide (blog) using Courseweb (wordpress) / content management system
  • Evaluate and annotate information resources
    • Identify the various evaluative criteria used to critically evaluate information resources in all forms of publications.

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