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Dean Giustini is a biomedical librarian at UBC’s Biomedical Branch Library at the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) [e-mail]. He blogs at The Search Principle, and curates the HLWIKI International

Dean is available for research consultation, instruction, curricular support & book requests. Please visit the UBC Biomedical Branch Library in the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, floor 2, or call: 604.875.4505

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4 thoughts on “Biomedlib 2.0

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  3. Hi Dean

    Douglas Badenoch here from Minervation.

    I am working with Amanda Burls and colleagues on a new website for CASP UK. Amanda has embedded a link to one of your excellent resources, the list of “Where’s the best evidence? 2010”

    Many congratulations, this is a really useful resource.

    One comment: The AGREE Trust has recently launched a new site: This is intended to replace the old Collaboration one. It has the updated version of the AGREE tool and “MyAGREE”, a system where people can do their appraisals online, store them, save as PDF etc when they are finished.

    Maybe you could update this when you get a chance?



  4. Hi,

    I just posted an article on my site that I thought your readers might find interesting as well. It’s called “25 Best Blogs on Biomedicine” ( ).

    If you think that my article might spark your readers’ attention, I was wondering if you might consider mentioning it on your site? I’m trying to build up readership on my site as well.

    Either way, I really appreciate your time.

    William Hopper

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