Culture Jam Assignment Part 2


In my “jamming” I wanted to highlight the nature over sexualized nature of this advertising that follows American Apparel’s pre-existing advertising schemas. I wanted for it to follow the actual content of the images by being both blunt and shocking, but in a way that jammed the original effort of sexualization. I swapped out the original “School’s Out.” phrase for the phrase “Sexualizing Minors: That’s American Apparel.” I mimicked the well known slogan from American Apparel’s previous advertisements to aid in branding my commentary correctly, to further infuse the sexualization of young and vulnerable women into the company image. I wanted to take the overtly sexual imagery in this advertisement and create an equally shocking and blunt tagline to go with it with my changing of the original advertisement. At a first glance you see the model, laying in a hyper sexualized environment, looking both young and dressed as a school girl, and then the line”Sexualizing Minors: That’s American Apparel.” comes in to stop that sexualization and causes the viewer to reconsider the sex appeal of the model. By doing this, it causes the viewer to not only reflect on their own views of this model, but to see her as a minor, a child, and also a human being. I feel my “jamming” of this advertisement forces the viewer to consider the model in this advertisement as a human being, rather than a sexualized object.


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