The UBC Design Challenge is a new initiative launching October 2015 that applies a strategic design method to social, cultural, environmental and economic issues. The cross-campus pilot program experiments with a learn-in-studio approach for students, faculty, private and public partners to collaborate, break down and respond to real-world challenges.

The UBC Design Challenge proposed for this year is:

How might urban centres prepare for a water crisis – either flooding or drought?

It is designed to be at once, disruptive, inspiring and interdisciplinary. It is championed by the Office of the President and the Liu Institute for Global Issues and supported by the business, arts, science and applied science faculties.

The challenge event is co-led by three UBC PhD students: Angèle Beausoleil, Marcelo Bravo and Steve Williams. They are supported by a cross-campus advisory committee comprised of: Moura Quayle, Gage Averill, Anne Gorsuch, Cathy Der, Paul Harrison, Jackie King, Kim Kiloh, and Susan Grossman.

Designing Futures Start Here

Society is embracing design as a way of thinking, observing and finding solutions for simple to complex, wicked and systemic problems. UBC is leading its first campus-wide Design Challenge that will educate, engage and unite students, faculties, governments and industry in collaborative problem-solving.

The UBC Design Challenge is a pilot 3-day interactive event that explores and practices how designers think and work, and their methods and tools for product, service and policy innovation. The event will involve student participants (multi-year), peer mentors, industry mentors and academic, public and private sector judges. Please contact marcelo.bravo@gmail.com to find out how you can become involved.