Atypical semester

So here it is, It’s the end of my third year at UBC. I never thought this year would go by so fast. I don’t even know how I made it through this semester without two of my besties. I Honestly don’t know. I guess snapchat, Facebook, instagram, twitter, Skype, iMessage helped me get through the “separation anxiety”. #lovetechnology

I’m so happy for making it through the semester in a different way. I made many changes this term that I’m definitely proud of. I definately became more outgoing, more independent, more crazy (okay, maybe this is not a good one), more mature and developed a great “you know what? I don’t give a faack attitude”. Many things (some of which I’m not really proud of) have changed me. I learned how to control myself emotionally. I mean, maybe it’s true that you can’t control feelings/who you end up liking, but it’s also true that you have the power to control  the extent to which they can harm/hurt you. Getting “hurt” by someone is an emotional state you place yourself into. If the other person isn’t hurt, if the other person doesn’t care, if the other person doesn’t want you the same way… then there is really no need for you to feel hurt.  Why ruminate? Why spend so much energy on people who don’t really care as much? The energy you spend should be equivalent to the energy the other person spends on you (and this goes for friendships too).”Getting over someone” is really an emotional state you are able to change. The brain is one of  our most powerful possessions,  and we REALLY gotta learn how to make great use of it. AND Learning how to empower ourselves with positive self-talk is one of them.

Anyways, it’s funny how I’ve been told this so many times, but it finally took me a term full of crazy/irresponsible decisions to fully understand this concept. We can be miserable and waste energy, or positive self-talk ourselves out of that “garbage state” and  be awesome instead. And honestly folks, I choose the latter. #justsaying

Oh yeah and this term you probably noticed that I went crazy on hashtags #love #simplelife #excitement, makes life so much more easy! Anyways I could be writing about all crazy adventures, people I’ve met, new friendships but I’m gonna cut short and leave this for another time. I just can’t wait for summer 2013 to start! OH AND  less than 2 months until I see my lovaa <3

So excited! I also can’t wait to see my other italian baby twin Astrid.




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