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The Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG) has recently obtained UBC site licenses for two teaching and learning related electronic newsletters: The Teaching Professor and Online Classroom.
Some highlights from this month’s editions:

Activities 101: Considering Collaboration
By Patti Shank, PhD, CPT
You may not have considered collaborative activities for the courses you teach. Even if you understand the benefits of collaborative activities, redesigning your courses to include them may seem daunting. You may also have questions about how to monitor and grade such activities. And you may have heard complaints from other instructors about the problems they have faced with collaborative activities. Easier to just stay with the same ole, same ole, right?

Alignment: A Model that Responds to Teaching Tensions
How do instructors balance demands to make courses challenging and at the same time make them accessible to students? How do instructors find a way to be informal and friendly with students at the same time they maintain proper authority and professional distance? How do instructors simultaneously meet the needs of learners who learn well in groups and those who learn better on their own? Donald Wulff believes that effective teaching rests on the ability to respond to tensions that are inherently a part of interactions between the professor, students, and context. Good teachers know how to make adjustments between competing demands—they “align” their instruction so that learning is achieved.

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