Bachelor of Media Studies Career Workshop

Lesson Plan

  • Session took place on April 18, 2018 from 1-3:30pm
  • Lesson plan is being used in a 2019 iteration, to be facilitated by Bachelor of Media Studies Administrator


(5 minutes) What’s the point of these activities?


  1. Identifying skills, strengths, relationships/networks from your degree (What are they, and the “so what”)
  2. Connecting those to future career planning (the “now what”)

Two chunks of time, first 1/2 looking back, second 1/2 looking forward, you will be working individually and in groups.  Note that this session is just a start, you will need to come back to it, and can always get further guidance at UBC’s Student Careers.   Introductory Activity (10 minutes) Four corners, place, people, moments, me (qualities about yourself) etc… *4 Corner Handout After completing, get into pairs share items from boxes. What was that like?  What did you learn from your colleagues, what surprised you?

Part 1:  Moments of Significance

(5 minutes) Define significance, what counts as a “significant moment”?

  • Ways you’ve been impacted, (whether purposeful impact or unintended) determining values, what becomes significant, things that changed you in some way
  • BMS specific examples of significant moments might be within; CCEL opportunities, specific classes, people, extracurricular activities, groups you worked with, internships, moment in an exchange, moving to Vancouver, new roommates, challenging classes, projects that affirmed something, etc…

Note:  Moment of significant change and participatory monitoring are particular research methodologies

Timeline Activity (20 minutes) Think back over entire degree, remember what’s possible, significant moments that stuck out, to see what’s there.      

*Chart Paper & Markers

  • Anything can be considered a significant moment, but be gentle and kind with yourself
  • Chart your significant moments to deliver highs and lows, what was “easy” versus what “took effort” or another way to look at it is as successes vs. challenging situations, hard and easy stuff can be valuable
  • Please place in point form, keywords, symbols, represent in any way you want (no long narrative needed, as long as you can speak to it from the point)
  • Look back and connect to matters to you, timeline activity, moment of significant change (research methodology) Container would be the degree, map out highs and lows, layer, specific layers, skills, people who were influential, etc… How strengths, knowledge, emotions, skills and values come through in high and low moments.

Coding  (15 minutes) Code or Analyze moments for skills, strengths/values and relationships (layer the “So What” on to this)

  • End with a gallery walk, major question “what do you notice?”
  • What comparisons can you draw from your own experience? Similarities/Differences?
  • Make meaning and connect to self, personal values, how shifted and evolved, constellation of experiences, recognize what you’ve done

Sample Student Timeline Activity “Moments of Significance” including coded skills, values & relationships.

Part 2:  Career Story 

What does this story tell you about what you want to do moving forward?  What does it tell you that you didn’t see before?  What’s been surprising, what’s been affirming?

Statements (15 minutes)                                                         *Hang Up on Wall

Three statements hung around the room, stand next to the one that resonates most with you.

  1. My degree and choice of major determines my career
  2. If I am successful, I will be happy
  3. I should know where I am going and set one direction for my life

In the groups gathered around and aligned with the specific statement, come up with

  • What is true about the statement?
  • What’s problematic in it?
  • How does that thinking that statement impact your ability to make plans?
  • How do those assumptions, ideas, impact your choices, plans and behaviour?

Career as a Story (5 minutes, if time permits)

Ways they can see their career as a story, many ways it can permeate

Odyssey Planning (15 minutes)                          *Odyssey Handout

Please draw out three alternative timelines that describe the next five years of your life

  1. Most obvious direction, where is it going to go….. what’s the media thing you are going to do? Some examples of options that relate?
  2. What you are doing STOPS, pick a new direction (certain jobs don’t exist, now what)
  3. Reasonable resources what would you do with that flexibility (out of logic, rent, etc…)


(10 minutes) How do you know which timeline to pursue?  How many can you pursue?

  • How to do this… can’t make a plan on your own, get more information
  • Will end up job searching while determining plan you want
  • What to learn from people, to give insight, confirming how to go about things

Analogy of Travel Planning as linked with career planning, research necessary but also unexpected moments, things to be done in place, flexibility with situation   If time permits:

  • Get into pairs or groups, discuss paths, etc…
  • What kind of information will you be looking for, bring up and share ideas

Wrap Up

(5 minutes)                                   *Evaluation of Workshop Handout

What did you get out of the day as a wrap-up, talk but also evaluation handout

  • Name some action items might want to pursue in light of today
  • Name some new ideas and new insight you’ve gotten

Remind them that at this point, they can go with a clearer picture in mind and why they’d want to go to student career services!  Show list of references & UBC resources.