Disciplinary Research

Online portfolio of my work can be found:  http://www.christinedonofrio.com/

Production Grants

2018 Creative BC/BC Arts Council Intuition Commons Installation $50,000 (PI – Competitive)
2017 Canada Council for the Arts Intuition Commons $20,000 (PI – Competitive)
2014 Canada Council for the Arts Real Tears $14,000 (PI – Competitive)
2008 Canada Council for the Arts Falling Woman $20,000 (PI – Competitive)
2007 Ontario Arts Council Pit Bull Project $14,000 (PI – Competitive)
2005 Canada Council for the Arts Nudes $20,000 (PI – Competitive)

Select Solo Exhibitions

2019 Intuition Commons White Water Gallery, North Bay ON
2018 Real Tears Deluge Gallery, Victoria BC
2011 Falling Woman Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax NS
2011 Falling Woman La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Montreal PQ
2009 Flare in conjunction with Contact Photography Festival Soho Gallery, Toronto ON
2008 Falling Woman Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC
2007 Nudes Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005 Panties, Polish, Candy WARC Gallery, Toronto ON

Select Group Exhibitions

2018 Beginning with the Seventies: Collective Acts Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver BC
2017 Feminist Art Conference Exhibition OCAD University, Toronto ON
2014 The Incubator black & yellow Gallery, Vancouver BC
2013 Flares Not Sent Letters, Vancouver BC
2013 Haphazard Acme Studios, Vancouver BC
2010 Falling Woman Instant Coffee Light Bar, Vancouver BC
2010 Alphabet City Festival Toronto Free Gallery, Toronto ON
2008 Infra-Ordinary Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston ON
2008 Trust In Me Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver BC
2007 Food Dave Mirvish, Toronto ON
2006 Prologue Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC
2006 Diachronic Thames Art Gallery, Chatham ON
2004 Strange Agencies Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver BC
2004 Proof 11 Gallery 44, Toronto ON

Catalogues Essays + Reviews

2019 Rebecca Watson Persistence and Permanence of Memory in the Digital Realm” Intuition Commons, White Water Gallery, North Bay ON
2019 Jacob Fischer-Smith Interview with Christine D’Onofrio Women in Focus @ UBC, Vancouver BC
2019 Holly Parmley Interview with Christine D’Onofrio AQNB, London UK
2018 John Luna Real Tears Exhibition Review exhibit-v, Victoria BC
2018 Christine Clark Real Tears: Christine D’Onofrio Preview Magazine, Canada
2018 Deniz Unsal Contemporary artist provokes to rethink feminism’s potential Nexus Magazine, Victoria BC
2018 Must-Sees This Week: January 18 to 24, 2018 Canadian Art, Canada
2011 Allison Saunders Feast your eyes on the Falling Woman The Coast, Halifax NS
2008 Riva Symko Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Ordinary Infra-Ordinary Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston ON
2004 Sara Angelucci Proof11 Proof Gallery 44, Toronto ON
2004 Marina Roy make money to have candy Strange Agencies Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver BC
2003 Lara Tomaszewska Looking at Desire: Christine D’Onofrio’s Panties and Nail Polish Series Belkin Invitational Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

Published Artworks, Commissions + Broadcasts

James Robertson Art Consultants Commission Character Ink Drips Beijing, China
Food & Wine Magazine Kitchen Art
Behind the Lens No Bull Television Interview Broadcast on BRAVO!
Food Cover and Insert Alphabet City, MIT Press
Vancouver Review, Arts Centerfold
The Walrus, Barbara Nichol – Some Common Questions about Sex and Ageing October 2004