VISA 480 Sample Student Artwork

Prompt for Final Artwork
The final project for the class must be a work that functions to further develop your practice, represents your interests, your provocations, your politic, your aesthetic, etc…  The project should also engage or conflict with the course propositions in an interesting way.  As the project is worth a large percentage of your final grade, and this is a fourth year studio class, it is expected to be of high calibre, with decisions in place and settled, and overall considered complete.  The piece is to be displayed as close as possible to how you would display it if it were a professional exhibition.  Please provide a label beside the piece for critiques, that indicates the title and materials that make up the piece. All work will be shown in class critique, and critique groups will come twice, for a total of ½ hour.

Sun Bleached Poster
Missing Child

Response/Comment to Student
The ways in which the text, structure and materials referenced each other in your work was very interesting.  I saw this in the puffy soft letters, slightly off a different white from the flag background, as I pictured a sun bleached poster, the missing child became as invisible as the letters from the background, as there were times the words disappeared.  These subtle incisions were just as strong as the poem.  The final line, and where the absolute disappointment in humanity starts to ring through, is the statement of it happening again, which is always the most destructive realization.  While the positioning of the flag was not intentional, I found it quite provocative.  In the synthetic material and stencil font type, it referenced the somewhat preachy flags found in a church basement, but the colour has been severely faded.  This “looking up” at the words, at the flag, become a significant part of the gesture, rather than “art” height, which would solidify it into an object.  I thought the positioning was purposeful (perhaps I am wrong) and strong to the role that language and the flag take on, including the reference to surrendering.