VISA 480 Week 10 Lesson Plan

Nothing Lasts Forever

Class Activities

Reading Discussion
Baudrillard, Jean Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? 2011 (p.9-77)

a)     The following prompts will be scattered around the room, please sit next to a prompt of your choice.  At least two people must choose a prompt, otherwise please find another.  They are; consciousness, art, knowing, photography, subjectivity, words, time, spirit, death, screen, social, beauty, sexuality, gaming, politics, space

b)     Please describe the most contemporary developments of the topic you chose, share your knowledge of the newest developments in this realm and potential futures.  Also, share your view of the state of the topic today.

c)      Keeping in mind the current state of the subject, however your group focused on it, describe what has disappeared because of the changes that inform the current state.

d)     If we take on Baudrillard’s neutral position on the lack of judgment of a disappearance being good or bad, come up instead with what is difference, what has changed.

Final Reflection on Course Content (Please refer to Week 1)
Revisiting the five questions from the start of the term, (I will have the mind maps with me) update the maps with details, references, artworks, ideas, and other information that will either challenge, debunk, evolve or expand on the first set of answers from the start of the year.  Make the adjustments right on the poster!

As a reminder, the 5 prompts were:

  • All the ways one might imagine nothing to be.
  • All the ways nothing could appear, or look like.
  • All the questions one can ask about the nothing.

  • All the ways nothing might act.
  • All the ways you might produce nothing.
All the ways nothing might feel like.

Now that we have hit the end of the course content, (and coming up on final critiques) what do you notice has changed in their thinking on the concept of nothing?  Now that you have named these changes, what will you do with this new information, how will you enact this ‘insight’ in future works, future thinking, etc…?


Your Artistic Practice’s “nothing’ Essay Prompt

Next week will be studio visits held in Audain, focusing on your final term work.

The final two weeks of class will be critiques. Please let me know if you need any resources for showing your work, and if you are showing anywhere other than the studios in Audain.

In a minimum of 2000 to a maximum of 3000 words, develop the notion of “nothing” that you perform in your work.  It can exist in how you handle materials, process, content, or how the work performs in context or in the trajectory of artistic practice.  In sum, it can be any aspect of your work or practice that you wish to connect to the idea of nothing.  Articulate this space by using the readings from class, or elsewhere.  As a note, further reading recommendations are provided in the class bibliography and you are free to consult with Christine or your fellow colleagues on advice for other references, etc… You may also use professional artworks to further develop your articulation, or describe how it is used in your own specific artworks.  If you do use your own work to uncover, please provide an image.  Describe what your nothing is, how you use it, how it develops further, how it becomes, how it is conquered, how it affects, or other ways that it functions specific to you and your practice.  The writing can be experimental or scholarly, but must work with class texts and convey in a particularly enlightened way, the text must be considered complete and up to academic standards.

Due:  December 10