Dr. Fatemi has taught courses on language and psychology of negotiations, health psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, psychology of mass media, social psychology, theories of psychotherapy, psychopathology, social issues in education, research methods in education, philosophy of education, social foundations of education, existential psychology, psychology of propaganda, educational and counseling psychology, developmental psychology, political psychology, qualitative and quantitative methods of research, communication and language, hermeneutics, psychoanalysis, semiotics and culture, discourse and creativity, mindfulness and creativity, narrative inquiry, film analysis, critical thinking models and methods, application of learning theories in instruction, etc. for the University of British Columbia, Harvard University, University of Toronto, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, University of Tehran, Beijing Normal University,  Iran’s University of Science and Technology, Athabasca University, Western Washington University, Upper Iowa University, New York Institute of Technology, University of Phoenix, Antioch University of Seattle, City University of Seattle, and Meritus University.


University of British Columbia

Harvard University

Harvard University Mind Body Medicine Syllabus Harvard Extension School September 2015