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The Gift in the Animal: AnSo Colloquium by Dr. Paul Nadasdy

Hunting, human-animal relations, and exchange theory in anthropology, a talk by Paul Nadasdy. Many hunting peoples conceive of hunting as a process of reciprocal exchange between hunters and other-than-human persons. To date, anthropologists have tended to view such accounts of hunting as symbolic/metaphorical. In this presentation Paul Nadasdy argues that our refusal to allow for […]

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Iain Davidson-Hunt on Mobilizing Local Knowledge

Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt. (U. Manitoba) “Mobilizing knowledge for community-based resource management” Wednesday, March 22, 2006. Dr. Davidson-Hunt spoke about his path from a plant scientist to an ethnoecologist (see presentation notes). From this he discussed the importance of theory -both as empowering and as limiting. The talk concluded with a discussion of Davidson-Hunt’s experiences work […]

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Dmsayt ‘nmoomdm: Facing Poverty and Homelessness through Customary Ts’msyeen Practices

Dmsayt ‘nmoomdm, a Ts’msyeen expression that can be translated into English as “We will all help each other,” is a newly funded Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada research project. This project will examine family poverty and women’s homelessness in the Ts’msyeen Territories of north coast British Columbia with the specific goal of […]

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