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Forests and Oceans for the Future Seminar Presentation: Dr. Ron Trosper

September 21, 2006. Dr. Ronald Trosper (UBC) " Gifts, Chiefs, Contingent Proprietorship: Ideas for Restoration of Resilience." Click here for podcast. Click here to view video presentation. AbstractRestoration of a degraded system requires changing the behaviour of the keystone species which caused the degradation. Rules addressing reciprocity, stewardship, peer monitoring and accountability need to be […]

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Documenting the Changes in the French Fishing Industry

Working in collaboration with members of the Le Guilvinec Fishermen’s Committee, The Ethnographic Film Unit at UBC is making a documentary that explores how family-based fishing is navigating the impacts of increasingly liberalized trade in fish and fish products. Le Marin, the leading marine policy and issues newspaper in France has published an article on […]

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Forests and Oceans Seminar

Upcoming Seminar Presentation: January 11, 2006. Dr. Kurt Grimm (UBC, Earth & Ocean Sciences). “What is Sustainability? Simple, Complex and Essential.” Time: 5:00 – 6:30 pm Place: AnSo Building, Rm 2107 For background reading: Kurt Grimm on Katrina.

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