If there is a problem you can’t solve, then there is an easier problem you can solve: find it.
— George Pólya (How to Solve It)

Homework Assignments

For due dates, please see the calendar.

  • Homework 0 — not marked
  • Homework 1
  • Homework 2
  • Homework 3
  • Homework 4
  • Homework 5
  • Homework 6
  • Homework 7
  • Homework 8
  • Homework 9

More practice questions

If you visit the UBC Library website then you can search for Introduction to Algorithms and find a link to the electronic version of 2nd edition of the book by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein. (Note that this content may be accessible only from the UBC network.) This book has lots of problems that you can solve. Solutions for a subset of the problems are available on the book’s website. The solutions are for the 3rd edition of the book but I doubt that the problems have changed significantly, at least for the topic relevant to EECE 320. You should be able to match some problems to their solutions.

Solutions to homework assignments will be posted on Piazza and will not appear on the course website.