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It’s official: I’ll be teaching ETEC 565: Learning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application in UBC’s Master of Educational Technology (MET) programme, starting May. I’m very much looking forward to teaching again.

Here’s the blurb:

ETEC565 is an online seminar that provides several theoretical frameworks to assist educators in evaluating, selecting and using various learning technologies. Students will gain hands-on experience using a range of learning technologies and platforms: web-publication, course management systems, communication tools, community and collaboration tools, multimedia, and social software tools. Students will complete a number of small assignments using different learning technologies as well as a larger project in which they bring several of these technologies together to design materials and activities to support student learning.

I’ve taught a similar course previously, which was delivered face-to-face (F2F): this one is all online. Should be fun; should be challenging.

I’ve also registered for a couple of courses this summer. As a staff person at UBC I’m entitled to a tuition waiver. I’m taking a university-level French class (I’ve not taken university-level French before), and a Canadian history one. Funny that my doctoral supervisor is a pre-eminent Canadian historian and this will be my first university-level history class as well. However the latter course is print-based distance-based and I have 12 months to finish it. Though my goal is before Christmas and Olympic fever come later this year.

But I won’t disclose my teacherness to either instructor: it can be unfun teaching teachers. 😉

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