UBC Summer Camps

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Throughout the summer, the eMentoring team has been engaged in several mentee recruitment activities. The team’s first stop was with the UBC Summer Science Camp. Talk about a motivated group of kids! Nahannee, our Urban Project Lead, was able to sit down with them during one of their lunch breaks and chat about the program and about being mentees. After an exciting two weeks at the UBC campus, the eMentoring program would be an excellent bridge to maintain their interest in post secondary and also in the Health Sciences. After being allowed to speak with them, not only was Nahannee invited for lunch but was also able to enjoy a drum and song performance by one of the kids!

Next stop was Community Day for the Cedar Science Camp. This was an exciting day filled with fun speeches, activities and an enjoyable song and drum performance by members from the Musqueam Nation. Throughout the day, the team had a chance to distribute brochures and talk to several parents about the program. Many of the parents seemed quite excited and wanted to sign their kids up. This was great to hear as a critical part of this program is getting support from parents! Overall, we met alot of great people and will be getting in touch with everyone over the next few weeks.

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