Mentor Interviews!!

by ementoring1 ~ August 19th, 2011. Filed under: Home.


We have begun interviewing our potential mentors and have met a lot of amazing people! It’s interesting to see the diversity of students this program has attracted. We have many applicants and in order to interview them all in a timely fashion we have designed a custom interview structure where interviewees are asked a few questions on several key themes. We are happy to say that a large majority of these applicants are very promising mentors and now the next step is for us to complete reference checks, have criminal record checks done for each potential mentor and to decide how we can most accurately assign mentees to mentors. Because we will focus on mentee recruitment in September, matching mentees and mentors will take place afterwards. We will have one or two more scheduled interview sessions in order to fit all applicants in and then before we know it, training will begin and we will be officially launching the project! Time is just flying by!

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