Formal Report Final – For Ettics Store


To:                        Team Bead, ENGL 301 Professional Writing

From:                   Diane Keyes, ENGL 301 Student, DK

Date:                    December 18, 2019

Subject:               Final Formal Report for Ettics Store


Dear Bead Writing Team Members,

Below is a copy of the final draft of the analytical report written for the Ettics store in Germany. The report focuses on analyzing customer challenges with the store’s unique package-free system.


The report includes:

  • Front matter:
    • Letter of transmittal,
    • Title page,
    • Table of contents,
  • Introduction (overview of the research project).
  • Findings from:
    • Twelve customer surveys,
    • Two customer interviews,
    • Three staff interviews.
  • Summary of findings and resulting recommendations.
  • Two tables and one chart representing the data.
  • Appendices listing the customer survey and staff interview questions.


Tomorrow a copy of this formal report will be sent to Jan-Frederik Ude, the Founder and CFO of the Ettics store for whom this report was written.


I wanted to express my gratitude to each of you who helped me in the editing process for this report. Your feedback throughout this term has been extremely valuable. I equally appreciate the time and care each of you put into supporting the development of my professional and technical writing skills. I have learned from each of you not only through reading your comments, but also through reading your work. So once again, thank you!


Encl. PDF copy of Formal Report: ENGL 301 – Diane Keyes – Formal Report Final PDF

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