Diane’s Webfolio


To:                        Team Bead, ENGL 301 Professional Writing

From:                   Diane Keyes, ENGL 301 Student, DK

Date:                    December 19, 2019

Subject:               Website Portfolio Submission


Dear Bead Writing Team Members,

The following link is to my website portfolio, our final assignment for English 301. This website, tailored to a master’s degree and future employment in organizational development, contains the following elements:


  • Home page
  • Biography
  • Affiliations
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Resume
  • Master’s application package
  • Samples of my best work
  • Reflection blogs


I would be open to continuing our support of each other’s work; if you ever need help reviewing an application or document at your new job, please feel free to contact me at diane.keyes@alumni.ubc.ca.

As well, I would like to express my gratitude to each of you for your support in the numerous editing processes throughout this term. Your feedback has been extremely valuable.  I have also learned from each of you not only through reading your comments, but through reading your work. So once again, thank you!

Link to my website portfolio: http://blogs.ubc.ca/diane301engl/

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