Founded in summer 2009, Eurekamp provides adventures in ideas. We do this by providing a series of week-long summer day camps at the University of Alberta with the support of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy for Children Alberta. Each program is developed as a collaboration between students, faculty, staff, and professional educators from across campus and the community at large, with the goal of getting participants excited about exploring ideas—big and small—through active exploration, discovery, and inquiry.

Our first camp was a proof-of-concept: a single week with 26 campers and 8 volunteers. From this we learned was that there was an unanswered demand in the community for educational programming that reached across disciplines rather than confining itself within one narrow theme or topic. We are all about big ideas and regularly have our campers reaching across the boundaries of math, science, language, drama, art, music, ecology, and philosophy to grab hold of them and try them on. Once they’ve got them our team helps campers wrestle with them through experiments, games, adventures, presentations, and camper-led discussions.

Since that first week we have grown each year, offering four weeks of programming and reaching 180 campers in 2012. This year we are offering 7 programs across the age range of 5 to 14 years over four weeks. And what programs they are! Each is a one-of-a-kind event that both campers and parents repeatedly tell us has been their best camp experience ever. Think we’re all talk? Head over to our programs page and see for yourself or, better yet, sign-up!

Watch the videos below!

Eurekamp! – Fun Discovery for Kids from mtset on Vimeo.

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