14th EPI symposium

How to facilitate for value-loaded critical thinking?

Floor Rombout, PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam

April 13th, 10:00-12:00PM, Scarfe 310

To critically investigate values and value judgments is considered an important citizenship skill (Veugelers & Vedder, 2003), and Floor Rombout believes that students typically learn and practice value-loaded critical thinking when they participate in a philosophical inquiry. For that reason, she has analyzed philosophical inquiries of five different teachers in their high school philosophy classes, in order to assess the amount and quality of value-loaded critical thinking in these inquiries. In addition, she will identify various ways in which teachers can give rise to critical examination of values. Together we will explore the concept of value-loaded critical thinking and the way in which we can facilitate inquiries aimed at developing value-loaded critical thinking of our students.

About the Presenter:

Floor Rombout is a high school philosophy teacher and PhD candidate from the Netherlands. She has been working as a philosophy teacher for various audiences in the past seven years and is currently enjoying her involvement at a secondary institution due to practicing and teaching philosophical ideas. Her PhD research investigates the relationship between the teacher’s facilitation of philosophical classroom discussions and students’ value loaded critical thinking skills.