Music Monday+

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Rich Aucoin- Push

More goodies for perspective/first year university students: Here is a first year university student’s blog from the website who attends Laurier University in Ontario. Currently, he’s discussing the drinking age for university students.

University Lesson of the week: A semester will pass you by quicker than you think. It’s important to do your readings regularly, instead of letting them all fall in your schedule within a few days of your exams.

Life Lesson of the week: Sleep is your best friend. Don’t go without it. Everything else can wait. Make sure you make room for your school work so you get more of it.

A Website You Should Check Out:

The Best of Vancouver: Granville Island Winter Ale

3 more days of classes
1 week until my exams start
2 weeks until my exams end
2 weeks until my birthday
3 weeks until I’m back in Niagara Falls

3 thoughts on “Music Monday+

  1. Kyle

    That drinking age link? It goes to a Kanye video. Not complaining though, anything with Bon Iver and Kanye together is a miniature blessing.

  2. Rabi

    Yes, let’s meet up for coffee. I finish on the 18th, but we can meet up before then if you’d like. Are you going anywhere for the winter break?

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