Appointment of a Happiness Officer

To:       Senate

From:   Nominating Committee

Date:   27 July 2020

Re:       Appointment of a Happiness Officer


In the recent past, the Registrar approved the appointment of a Happiness Officer in the Office of the Senate, DeVeaux Section. After a careful review, the successful candidate is Vega Blue.


Vega Blue was born on February 27, 2020 in the middle of a brutal Alberta winter to show champion parents Wynn and Zee Zee, cherished Cuban Havanese. Vega Blue was born a bright star and is a doer of puppy stuff like napping, eating, chasing bouncy things, giving kisses and the shameless pursuit of belly rubs.

Proposed Motion

THAT THE Office of the Senate appoint Vega Blue to the role of Happiness Officer for a one-year term, continuing until a suitably adorable replacement is identified;

AND THAT THE Office of the Senate approves compensation in belly rubs, freeze dried liver treats and apple slices, to be dispensed at the request of the Happiness Officer;

AND THAT THE Office of the Senate designate team members to accompany the Happiness Officer on walks along paths of the Happiness Officer’s choosing;

AND THAT THE Happiness Officer not be required to complete any specific tasks except napping and delivering pure joy.

Next Steps

The Office of the Senate will host a meet and greet with Vega Blue in the near future.

One Reply to “Appointment of a Happiness Officer”

  1. I’d like to nominate/appoint twin sisters, Bailey and Maggie for next year’s Happiness Officers. Bailey, with the blue eyes, will penetrate your soul, making you notice her requirements of the moment. Maggie on the other hand is the sweet, eat anything kind of passionate bow wow you can bring home to your mom.

    With the two covering all the personalities, you can’t go wrong!
    Looking forward to the new role. RRRWOOF, ROWFFF!

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