Memorial Minutes: Slick Rick Iverson

(posted on behalf of Jessica Iverson)

From: Senate Tributes Committee

To:      Vancouver Senate

Re:      Memorial Minutes

The Senate Tributes Committee has prepared memorial minutes for the following individual:

Slick Rick Iverson

Motion:          That Senate approve the memorial minutes for Slick Rick Iverson, that they be entered into the minutes of Senate and copies be sent to the family of the deceased.

Slick Rick Iverson

Slick Rick, or simply Rick as he was called by friends and family, began his illustrious career as a UBCat in January 2012. Not even three-months-old, Rick joined the then-Faculty of Graduate Studies as the office’s first one-eyed feline. What he lacked in optical orbs he made up for in personality, and soon Rick’s shortcomings were either quickly forgotten or mistaken for a wink. Tales of this curious creature started mounting, and as his preferred human, Jessica Iverson, moved within and outside of UBC, so too did his lore. To know Rick was to love him, and he was well-known.

Rick and his human had a special relationship (see: Arrested Development’s Motherboy), and in a characteristically feline way, he came to exploit that to his benefit, exposing his human as the weak link willing to give in to his every demand. Leadership style aside, Rick’s efforts underscored the importance of loving your pets obsessively; failing to do so would result in missing what is, in the humble opinion of his human, a true joy in life.

Rick returned to UBCat status in February as an Academic Goverenance Offipurr. His recent contributions to the Vancouver Senate include keeping his human’s desk warm and appearing in the background of various Zoom meetings. He passed unexpectedly on May 8, 2020. While his fluffiness is gone, his motto endures: half the eyes, twice the charm.

To his family and friends, the Senate and the University of British Columbia offers its condolences and thanks.

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