EDCP 571

From Twentieth to Twenty-First Century Learning — proceeding from Edison and motion pictures, McLuhan’s new media, to the proliferation of mobile devices, social media, and massive open online courses, this course will explore issues such as how, why, and to what degree media and technology have been incorporated into, or changed by, education over time. Some historians argue that media and technology have been an imposition on humanistic curriculum practices; others describe media and technology as the principle means of progress in administration, learning and teaching. Some lament the separation of curriculum from instruction via media and technology, and subsequent displacement of instructional labour by capital; others champion the creativity and intellectual productivity that media and technology seemingly nourish. Taking a comparative historical approach, this course is designed from a basis that educational media and technologies are not merely tools; educational premises are neither fully durable nor pliable; and actors or agents of education are not merely humans.

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