Activity 3: Let the technology be your guide

Working through this unit on Spirituality and Technology, we’ve explored the question of whether we can use technology to live more spiritually.

In the pre-activities we asked you to examine your personal connection to technology and conception of spirituality.

In the Case Study we asked you to examine the spirituality of a modern, online religious community. You were asked to participate in the online community and make connections between the tenants of Dudeism, technology and spirituality.

The final activity is a challenge:

Activity 3: Let the Technology be your guide


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As a final assignment, you must devise a project where you use technology as a way to relax, connect and abide.

You must first prepare a proposal, which should include:

  1. What technology you’ve chosen, and why
  2. How you will use the technology and record your results
  3. How long you will use the technology for
  4. Predictions for how it will make you feel

After approval you will use the technology for the period of time specified (this may vary slightly from project to project) and then prepare either a presentation, or a written reflection describing your experiences and conclusions.

Have fun, and be creative!

Some resources and ideas to get you started:

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