BCTF and First Nations Education

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Although it is over 10 years old this document provides a comprehensive  set of strategies for  teachers to consider that will “assist the learning and success of aboriginal students”. It includes a review of inclusiveness for native children and employment equity for native teachers. Also a history of important dates to indigenous people in BC since European contact and a list of relevant resources.

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Outdoor Education Activities

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The author of this weblog, Tom Henley, has been involved with outdoor education and native youth in Haida Gwaii, Skeena and in many other parts of the world. He has some activities that connect students to the outdoors in a hands-on exploratory manner.

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Rediscovery Outdoor Education

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The program Rediscovery is something I used as a resource when involved with outdoor education for youth. Rediscovery integrates outdoor education for youth within an indigenous model. Wilderness activities in remote settings are tied with cultural teachings and traditions.  I could see this program being used in the school system as part of an outdoor/cultural education program.

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