Intro – Michael Peterson


I’m really excited to be starting this course.   I worked directly with the MET program in 2005/06, and had the pleasure to meet both our instructors at that time – I was very impressed.


I have a degree in Political Science, and about 10 years experience working mainly with entrepreneurial programs in the post-secondary sector.  The opportunity to do a business boot camp with these instructors was too good to pass up.


I visited Ottawa earlier this year and was very interested in the production of the Afghanistan exhibit at the National War Museum.  During this course, I hope to look at learning ventures attached to museums and cultural institutions. 


I can be reached at


1 davidp { 09.02.08 at 3:55 pm }

Hey Michael. Thanks for the kind words. We hope to live up to the recommendation.

You’ve already identified a very cool niche in the informal learning sector that might also work for you in Mod 10 if you were to state a preference to be a team member for that group for Assignment 2.

2 Marc Kampschuur { 09.09.08 at 11:43 pm }

Hi Michael:

You mentioned you will be in Penticton in 2009, to spectate, volunteer, or participate? If spectating or volunteering, can introduce you to the finish line captain, great place to volunteer as a “catcher” – catch people as they cross the line, keep them moving / cool down for a bit. If participating, a piggyback on the run would be appreciated. Cheers.

3 » michael peterson » michael peterson { 09.12.08 at 3:59 am }

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