Private Conversations – How To

Another attribute (“feature”?) of the weblog environment is that it doesn’t support private email conversations between individuals and small groups.  In my mind this is a glaring deficit, but one which we’re hoping can be worked around adequately during the course.

How?  Please use your instructors’ external email addresses as supplied for conversations with them.  For the Assignment #2 teams we intend to group-email all the members of each team so at least they have the emails for all of their team members.  Please let us know if you have a problem with your email addresses being shared in this way (it is a matter of the University’s privacy policy that you don’t need to share an email address if you don’t wish).

For all other direct, private connections, we hope you will supply an (appropriated encoded) email address in your self-introduction that your classmates can use to send messages to you.

Comments or suggestions related to this *feature* of weblog environments are welcome….



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