One More Time

I am taking my 6th and 7th MET course this term, and writing one more introduction.

I teach music K-7 in North Vancouver, BC. While I was trying to decide what I *really* wanted to be when I grew up I was a: Bank Teller (too boring), Office Manager (no room to grow), database designer (design is fun, but they always want you to stay and run the system), export manager (interesting, but would have been more fun to travel than send things), and a system manager for a VAX (if you know what that is, you are old like me!) So I come by the leaning toward computers honestly, and I use them as much as possible in my teaching, and I’m the IT contact for my school.

I have a degree in Marketing and Management, so the business side of the class doesn’t intimidate me.  I’m looking forward to “boot camp” and the opportunity to learn.

I took a really nice picture to include here, but realized that I left the cord for my camera in California on vacation last week, so this is from last winter of me with my dog, Andante.

I am (also) quickly becoming frustrated with how slow this server is. It took me over 10 minutes to get this post started. I hope this issue gets resolved quickly. I gave up trying to look up what tags I was supposed to use, (I’ve been waiting for the page to load for 5 minutes now. Hopefully I came close.

You can contact me at carolannf AT gmail DOT com


1 Jarrod Bell { 09.04.08 at 6:42 am }

Hi Carolann! Good to see you again! I’ll have to send you a picture of my dog or use it in the course somehow.

Hopefully the server connection works better in the future as wordpress is a wonderful backbone for a blog.


2 davidp { 09.04.08 at 8:23 am }

Welcome Carolann.

Our behind the scenes crew is looking for the performance issue for this WP instance. We aim to fix it shortly.

VAX eh.


3 Joe Dobson { 09.04.08 at 8:35 am }

California must be home to a lot of stray cords – I left one down in San Diego a couple weeks ago. I gave up on a posting a couple times the other day due to the slow server, so glad that it’s being worked on.


4 Joey Dabell { 09.04.08 at 2:53 pm }

Hi Carolann. Great to ‘see’ you again. I have to say again that you did such a fantastic job of managing the etec540 course website last term. I look forward to your insights here this term.


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