Ellen Wu’s Introduction

Hi everyone,

This is my 9th MET course. I’m hoping to finish my MET degree next summer after I take ETEC 590 (Graduating Project) in May 2009. I know it’s still early but I feel like I can start celebrating already! I am excited about this course because it looks at educational technologies from a business perspective, which is different from the other courses I’ve taken in this program. In this course, I hope to understand the business of e-learning and discover and develop the entrepreneur in me.

I was born in Taiwan and immigrated here when I was 15. I went to high school in Richmond and have lived here ever since. I have a B. Sc. from UBC (computer science major), a B. Ed. from UBC in secondary education and a TESL certificate from UBC. I have TOCed in Vancouver and Richmond and taught at a few different schools in Richmond. I am currently a full-time ESL teacher in Richmond. As an ex-ESL student, it’s been a wonderful experience sharing my language learning experience with my students and their parents. I’m also fluent in Mandarin, which helps in communicating with Chinese parents and beginning Chinese ESL students who cannot speak a word of English.

Right now, playing badminton is my favourite pasttime. I’m not a skilled badminton player, but it’s definitely good exercise for me. Whenever I have time, I also play games on my computer and on my Wii. Since I’m quite the game lover, I’m also interested in learning more about commercial learning technologies that are fun and beneficial to learning.

I look forward to working with all of you ^_^



1 davidp { 09.05.08 at 9:06 am }

Hello Ellen.

The venture research you’ll undertake in Mods 4-11 will be a kind of etec badminton game. You’ll like it.

Welcome to the course.


2 D.B. { 09.06.08 at 12:03 am }

I’ve found that some of the most amazing ESL colleagues and teachers that I’ve dealt with have been able to draw from their own experience of being a non-native-speaker in a foreign-environment! From the sounds of it, you would definitely easily qualify. Not only that, but being a Wii devotee would definitely help in making a few more connections with a some ESL students I’ve had the privilege of dealing with in the past little while!

3 Deepika Sharma { 09.06.08 at 10:17 am }

Hi Ellen,

Have you taken ETEC 530 yet? It has a module on gaming for learning – very interesting – changed my views on gaming (much to the relief of my two kids who are avid gamers in their spare time!).

Look forward to interacting with you here!


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