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Hey all. Good to see a few familiar faces here from other courses I’ve taken in the past two semesters. This will be either number 5 or 6. I’ve learned a tremendous amount within the confines of WebCT and though I’ve been on the ‘net in its various forms since Bitnet and just after the TLD “.com” was introduced, I’ve never explored the blog authoring environment. To use it as a course medium will be an intriguing experience when compared to the strict confines of WebCT.

The one concern I do have with all of this online technology as a teaching method is how easy it is to make it complex and unwieldy and how obvious it can be in hindsight to see how something could have been simplified and layered in such a way as to be accessible and usable without the need of stacks of printouts or untold quantities of separate windows. As to what are the ‘core’ features and what are the ‘power features’ and which should be exposed to the user at first glance… that is a good set of questions in the spirit of Occam’s Razor which always seems to generate debate in any cooperative venture. 😉

i.e. do I want to permit comments or pings to this blog entry? Which choice should I consider?


As for my educational background and whatnot, I’m a sub teacher with the VSB, dealing primarily with JHS and SHS levels and a variety of different subjects from Jr. Sciences and Languages to Social Sciences for all grades.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens here online in this part of the virtual world,



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1 davidp { 09.06.08 at 9:27 am }

Welcome D.

You’re already raising questions about the online environment that are bound to bring responses from the pro and anti-razorites, and that can be further explored throughout the course.

A more contemporary approach to the same ideas can be found in the work of John Maeda (MIT Media Lab) in his book, The Laws of Simplicty.


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