Deepika’s Intro


Hello friends,


Apologies for this late landing – I had some unexplained lapses in communication – just got to the blog yesterday and set myself up!


I am Deepika Sharma from India. This is my 5th ETEC course. I have just laddered up to the Masters degree from the TBLS that I had registered for initially – a measure of how much I have enjoyed and gained from this course!


I am a full-time mom, a part-time education consultant as well part-time student. We live in western India, in a city called Pune – the city that is known as the Oxford of the East, the automobile capital of India and now the software Mecca. No surprise then that my husband works for one of India’s largest automobile companies. I have two children age 11 (boy) and 13 (girl) and a beagle aged 2! We returned from a 5 year stint overseas 10 months ago –  Vietnam (3 years) and Kuala Lumpur (2 years) – so the children have just about settled into a new  environment albeit home base!


As a consultant I work in the field of education technology. My previous employment was with an NGO – World Links, based in Washington DC – that spun off as the education arm of the World Bank to work in developing countries in less served schools, enabling teachers to integrate technology in the curriculum and classroom. Until 5 years ago I looked after their program in India. Then came the sabbatical and this course. I have once again picked up old threads with World Links and now work with them as a part-time consultant on education projects in South East Asia, having just wound up one in Vietnam. The only other commitment that I have this term, so far,  is a course organized by the World Bank Institute for educators from the region in Seoul (I see someone in this course is based in Seoul – Ali?), in November which I will help facilitate partly.


My part-time student life will be spent with you all, which I look forward to immensely. The four courses that I have completed so far have been intensely thought-provoking and extremely enjoyable! The revelation that this course will run on a blog is exciting – I have just made “blogging for education” part of my workshop series, so it would be nice to walk my talk J


Other than this I love to travel, read, listen to music and watch movies with my family. I am an avid scrap-booker and obviously not a woman of few words J Apologies if the length of this note exceeded your patience limit!


I see some familiar faces – Nancy I remember you from the January 2008 course – great to be with you again!


…with my husband and children in Alaska (glacier) this summer





1 Deepika Sharma { 09.06.08 at 7:23 am }

As if that wasn’t long enough…I forgot to supply you with my appropriately encoded email address (just read david’s post on that!)

2 davidp { 09.06.08 at 9:30 am }

Thanks Deepika. You’ve already won the prize for the most internet hops to the blog server.

Welcome. I’m sure you’ll have many insights about technology in development settings, given the work you’ve been doing for the education NGO.


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