Module Teams – anybody missing?

Here are the teams for Modules 4-11.

I looked at the special requests posts/comments in the blog. Everyone who requested a preference got their first choice. The teams are now set.


Module 04: Katherine Lithgow, Ellen Wu, Drew Murphy, Deepika Sharma (4)

Module 05: Jarrod Bell, Alan Kilistoff, Susan Wilson, Carolann Fraenkel (4)

Module 06: Amber Van Der Mark, Marc Kampschuur, David De Pieri, Mary Burgess, Bryan Funk (5)

Module 07: Ken Heales, Michael Awmack, Cori Wickes, Vincent Spencer, Crystal Pullman (5)

Module 08: Sarah Wood, Jim Tattrie, Gilian Gunderson, Dwayne Ali, Shaun Dychko (5)

Module 09: Doug Pinder, Joanne Dabell, Fetya Ahmed, DB, Joseph Dobson (5)

Module 10: Alexandra Marsh, Cheryl Milner, Michael Peterson, Jag Uppal (4)

Module 11: David Wees, Laura Mcleod, Nancy Castonguay, Zilong Zhai, Melissa Anders (5)

Additional instructions will be coming along shortly. You may wish to get acquainted with your team members via email in the interim before kickoff in two weeks.


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Pitch Pool EVA responses

So far I’ve watched three of the pitch’s and something that resonated about the RECOMBO 2005 and the UBC IT Services was the idea that we need to “Play well with others”. RECOMBO actually uses that phrase, and Mr. Dodd’s idea of a framework that draws people and having an e-strategy that is an enablement-strategy are excellent.

While being in business RECOMBO is looking for what a win looks like for their customer, it is not just about making money, but about helping their client. UBC’s IT department uses “partners” that work in the different faculties and help determine how IT can help them best, and how the faculty can help shape IT.

While RECOMBO is a business and UBC IT is not looking for financial gain, they both have a very service oriented philosophy. We’re not here for ourselves, but to help you succeed. As an Educational venture analyst I believe this is a critically important philosophy for business in the current marketplace.

With a move towards open source software or community source software permeating the internet and a larger community expectation of philanthropic contributions from large companies, I believe that shared success needs to be a guiding principle for companies to succeed vs make money at all cost tactics.

RECOMBO’s Brad MacPhee seemed confident about the success of the company. Moving to double the work force of a company is a large undertaking and would require a capable managment team. From my little experience with business models, the “lighthouse” client struck me as a critical asset to the feasibility of their model. The market sounds vast and their ability to grow rapidly based on their lighthouse’s clients talks to the even greater potential for growth. It seems that their transition from an engineering provider to a solutions provider has been a key reason for their success. This is a technical innovation that greatly increases the market size. Their exit strategy wasn’t clearly defined but it sounded like the IPO was a worthwhile step between being acquired by a larger middleware provider like IBM and staying as a private company. As an EVA I would put this company on my shortlist to invest with.

UBC IT’s use of the flexible framework and consultative town-hall strategy, and partners within the faculties have obviously drawn the clientele towards e-learning (or as David mentioned their pitch video, we can drop the e and just call it learning) in a successful and inclusive way. UBC has a track record of developing successful commercial products from research (WebCT for example) and now prefers to focus on community sourced software and partnerships. While not something that is going to make money immediately for the university from a free product, it will likely make the university programs more competitive and bring learning more efficiently and effectively to people at a distance. As an EVA I would support this kind of project in my university.



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Avatars – visually representing your posts

One of the features of the Word Press blog we’re using is its ability to associate your comment with a visual “avatar,” a picture or image representing you.

You can find where to upload your avatar by logging into the blog space and then selecting from the top menu:

Users > Your Avatar

There, you can select and upload an image from your own files.


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Getting To Work

Thanks everyone for your introductions and first steps into the course – now its time to dive in some venture content!

Our business “boot camp” may introduce material that is unfamiliar to many of you, but we promise it will be interesting and very worthwhile.  In the first iterations of this course we actually went deeper than we do now – offering an exposure to interpreting financial data, etc, – but even then we couldn’t begin to cover all of the material an entrepreneur needs to master.  So for those of you aiming to be entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs this is just an introduction, and for everyone else it’s a solid overview of the process and thinking involved.

My original training was as a scientist, and there’s no question that the essence of all great science is asking the right question of the Universe.  In business, that same essence is asking the right question of the marketplace.  That’s why we’re focusing on the pitch – the entire story behind a venture needs to be contained there – something really credible and compelling needs to stand out.

We’re offering some good starting points, but the journey is yours.  There are lots of materials you can discover and explore on your own.  Please share those that resonate with you.

Good luck!

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Pitches on ipods

I’ve been making a point of trying to do some of my masters work using my ipod touch as an experiment. I notice that the ingenia presentation shows only the presenter video but no slides. Pretty powerful tool but doesn’t quite step up to full technology standards like regular client browsers. I’m curious about building resources that can be fully accessible via ipods and iphones for some future training, especially in large cities where a large portion of a sample company could be using mass transit and training while they travel to work.

nb. This is certainly not a complaint to the developers to the course, more of an observation about ipods


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Alan’s introduction

My name is Alan Kilistoff and I have been a practicing Dentist since I graduated from UBC in 1976.  I started teaching at UBC Dental school in August 2000.  I got hooked on teaching so I sold my practices, and went full time, first at UBC and now at the University of Saskatchewan, where I am currently Assistant Dean Clinic Affairs.  I am sorry for the late post, but our term is two weeks old and there has been a steady stream of crises that have taken my full attention.  I have five children all now married and 11 grandchildren one of whom was still born this past July.  The eleventh was born three weeks ago and was two months premature, but he is doing very well and should be home earlier than expected.  Our Dental school is attatched to the hospital so I get to visit the little guy every day on my way home.  It is very handy as I walk by the NICU on the way to the car park.  This is my last course in the MET program and I am looking forward to learning about the business side of e-learning.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every course in the program, but I find that in my new position the work load is escalating and I am having increasing difficulty finding time to enjoy this program.  I am in charge of running the dental clinic that serves 56 students as well, I teach 6 courses, and I also teach one day per week at the National School of Dental Therapy in Prince Albert, 150 Kms north of Saskatoon.  We are implementing a new 10 million dollar computer system that finds me as chair of the implementation team.  There is a 40 week program to implement this system that we are now just starting.  I also have a few trips this fall so it looks like I am packing the laptop again.  Enough of my woes, I am looking forward to this course.


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Problems accessing pitches


I’ve been watching the pitches this rainy, cold afternoon, and Recombo 2004 and the UBC IT pitch won’t play for me. They give me a message saying ‘unexpected system exception’. Is the problem on my end or your end?

Thanks! Laura

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Jags Introduction

Jag supporting the Penguins

Hello everyone and sorry for the late post.  As tech-savy as I am…or not…it is often the simplest things that take me the longest to figure out.

My name is Jag Uppal and I come from a fairly large Indo-Canadian family that consists of 5 children, of which, I am the youngest.  My older 3 siblings were born in India in the late 1960s and early 70s, while my other sister and I were born in Canada.

I am currently 30 years old, recently married and in my 3rd year of teaching full time at a high school in Surrey, BC.  I am teaching Business and Computer courses, while previously I had the opportunity as a TOC to visit a variety of different classrooms from across the spectrum of grades and subjects.  In terms of education, I have complete both my Commerce and Education degrees through UBC.

As apart of my Commerce degree, I spent a semester studying abroad in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.  This was a great experience for me, as I got to travel across Europe, study some Spanish, and learn in a completely different environment.  It was also during this time away from family and friends, that I really began using technology (msn messenger, emails, digital pictures) as a form of communication. 

I am currently half way through my MET Masters, and I look forward to working and learning with all my colleagues.  There are many things about this Masters that I enjoy, such as the flexibility and the geographic and cultural diversity of our fellow students, however I often still miss the social interactions of being with my peers in a physical environment.  After reading through the course syllabus and introductions, I am really excited about being in this course!

my emails are: or

Jag Uppal

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